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Negligent Security Cases

Business and landowners are obligated to provide their employees and customers with a safe environment to work, shop, and live in. As a victim of a violent crime on a business premises, you may not be able to find and prosecute the wrongdoer, but you likely can hold the business liable for its negligent security.

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When a Landowner Is Liable

Apartment building owners and hotel and motel owners are most often held liable in premises liability cases for negligent security. When you rent an apartment or a room, you expect to feel secure in your surroundings. The owner has a duty to ensure that you are safe.

When an owner’s negligence allows for a foreseeable criminal action against you, that landowner can be held liable for your injuries because under premises liability law the owner had a duty to prevent injuries to invitees of the property that were reasonably expected in the circumstances.

For example, if you rent an apartment in a high-crime area, the owner of the building may be required to take special precautions, such as hiring security guards or installing a security system to keep tenants safe. The same is true for a business in a high crime area. The failure to take reasonable precautions can result in liability for the owner.

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