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Defective Pain Pumps

I-Flow, Stryker, and Sorenson shoulder pain pumps used after arthroscopic surgery have been linked to postarthroscopicglenohumeralchondrolysis (PAGCL), a condition in which cartilage in the shoulder joint dies, which causes extreme pain and inhibits the motion of the shoulder.

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Not FDA Approved

Allegations have already surfaced alleging that these companies may have lied about having FDA approval for using these pain pump medical devices on the shoulder.

The FDA rejected requests for approval of the On-Q Painbuster pump by I-Flow. The other devices by Stryker and Sorenson were never approved for use on the shoulder.

Because the pain pumps were FDA approved for other uses, the companies could legally sell the pumps, but they engaged in off-label marketing – meaning the companies marketed the pain pumps to be prescribed by doctors in ways that they were never approved to be used.

Off-label marketing is prohibited because it can mislead doctors into thinking those uses are safe for their patients, which likely happened in these cases. In 2009, the FDA issued a warning about using these pain pumps for shoulder surgery and required manufacturers to use warning labels about the risk of cartilage damage.

The Effects of PAGCL

PAGCL is a life-altering injury. Some patients have needed joint replacement because of the issues caused by the misuse of the pain pumps. PAGCL causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. It is currently believed that the pain pumps expose the cartilage in the shoulder joint to a toxic amount of local anesthesia, which causes the condition.

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