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Defective Medical Products

With advances in technology, medical products save more lives than we ever imagined possible even 50 years ago. However, many medical products out there do more harm than good.

At Buckley & Associates in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, Washington, our product liability attorneys are committed to helping victims of defective medical products pursue their legal cases to get the compensation they need to recover from those injuries.

Call us today at 206-558-8441 if you or your loved one is suffering from injuries caused by a defective medical product. A member of our multi-lingual staff is ready to discuss your potential case.

Types of Defective Medical Products

Each year the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency in charge of monitoring medical devices, receives more than 100,000 Medical Device Reports (MDRs) for devices that have caused death, illness, or serious injury. Severe injuries can give rise to defective product claims by the injured. Products that may be defective include:

Although medical devices must go through clinical trials and be approved by the FDA, the devices can still fail due to device problems, use problems, or problems with clinical applications.

Help from Our Product Defect Attorneys

Medical product cases are often very complex and require experts to evaluate patient charts and medical devices to testify regarding liability of injuries.

At Buckley & Associates, we have decades of combined experience to apply to your case. We treat every client as they should be treated – with respect for your injuries, your time, and your life.

Have you or someone you love been harmed by a defective medical product? We can help. Please contact Buckley & Associates for your free consultation with one of our experienced defective product attorneys. We serve clients throughout the Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver areas and the state of Washington.