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Defective Automobile Attorneys

Automobile defects are to blame for thousands of injuries and deaths in motor vehicle accidents in this country each year. Too often car manufacturers release vehicles to the buying public without proper designs and testing to ensure driver and passenger safety.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident because of a defective vehicle, please call 206-558-8441 today to speak with one of our multi-lingual staff members about your case.

Types of Defects

Automobiles are complex machinery in which many things can go wrong. Common auto defect cases include:

Causes of Defects

Defects in automobiles are often the result of the manufacturer putting their bottom line profit above the safety of the families who use their vehicles. Many vehicle defects are due to:

  • Design flaws
  • Poor manufacturing processes or oversight
  • Faulty vehicle components
  • Inadequate safety testing

When your vehicle or that of another driver in the accident was defective in some way, you may be able to hold the car manufacturing company responsible for the accident and recover compensation for your injuries from the car company.

Our Attorneys Can Help

At Buckley & Associates, our product defect attorneys are experienced with cases that involve defective vehicles. We can evaluate your case to determine if your auto accident was caused by a defective vehicle. Then we will work diligently on your behalf to resolve your case quickly in order to get you the compensation you need for your injuries.

Are you or your loved one suffering from injuries caused by a defective vehicle in a car accident? Please contact Buckley & Associates for your free consultation with one of our experienced automobile defect attorneys. We welcome clients throughout the Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver areas of Washington.