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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs in a variety of situations when the brain is subjected to sudden force or trauma. These injuries normally require a lifetime of treatment and care that most families are not prepared to handle either financially or emotionally.

At Buckley & Associates in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, our experienced brain injury attorneys can help your family resolve the legal case for the injuries your loved one sustained. Call us today at 206-558-8441 to speak with one of our multi-lingual staff members about your case.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries are often the result of motor vehicle accidents, but they can occur any time that the brain is forced to collide with the skull by a sudden force or shaking. The brain can suffer bruising and swelling and in some cases intracranial bleeding from torn blood vessels in the brain.

A sudden impact or violent back-and-forth shaking, such as whiplash, can cause severe trauma and irreparable trauma to the brain. Small children or babies often suffer such injuries from being shaken by an adult. This is known as shaken baby syndrome.

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

The effects of a traumatic brain injury are usually long lasting and will affect the injured person for the rest of their life. Injuries stemming from irreversible brain damage may include:

  • Paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Blindness
  • Memory loss
  • Impaired communication skills

These conditions will obviously impact the victim’s quality of life. The injured person may lose the ability to work, to control their body’s normal functions, and to interact socially and within the family.

If your loved one is suffering from the devastating effects of a traumatic brain injury, please contact Buckley & Associates for your no-cost consultation with one of our experienced brain injury attorneys. We serve clients throughout the Seattle area and the state of Washington. We also have a satellite office located in Tacoma, Vancouver, Washington, for your convenience.