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Christopher Morales


Christopher Morales handles all types of personal injury cases for the firm. The son of a military man, he was raised all over the western United States, including Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Washington, of course. He attended the University of Washington, as an undergraduate, before attending the Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska. He has volunteered for legal clinics, including the Union Gospel Mission Legal Clinic in Seattle Washington, helping indigent persons with legal problems.

Mr. Morales has been practicing in Washington State since 2009. He has practiced many different types of law including Family Law, Child Protective Services Law, Criminal Law, Disability Law, and Worker’s Compensation Law, before falling in love with the practice of Personal Injury Law and helping injured clients.

Mr. Morales has practiced law all over Washington State, before the judicial bench, in arbitrations, and before the appellate courts of Washington State. He has also practiced in Federal court, including Bankruptcy court, in Washington State and Arkansas, as well as participating in cases in the state of Nebraska’s court system.

Since 2014, Mr. Morales has exclusively practiced personal injury law. In that time, he has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

Christopher Morales lives with his wife and children in Kent, WA. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, smoking meats, and the occasional trip to see something new.